Friday, January 22, 2010

what up?

what up gangstaz!!! all u kewl gt kats check this watch how i type is $!Ck U kN0W wh@t i b sAyIn.:P but gata love this tiny little school latta kewl cats up in this biff funny mofo's to some of the teachers tho o and that mr. richards guy sometimes i swear yall out ther know what im talkin bout halla at my boy h dog next time u see him b like hectore pajama sam said what up!!


Unknown said...

thats fer sure homez lol...he can really be not cool! But I know that Hector teacher is the shit it you get what I'm this little school is totally getting to me I can't wait to graduate!

kehow1 said...

fuck...ikr nigga!!!! sht:P