Friday, January 22, 2010

what up?

what up gangstaz!!! all u kewl gt kats check this watch how i type is $!Ck U kN0W wh@t i b sAyIn.:P but gata love this tiny little school latta kewl cats up in this biff funny mofo's to some of the teachers tho o and that mr. richards guy sometimes i swear yall out ther know what im talkin bout halla at my boy h dog next time u see him b like hectore pajama sam said what up!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

what up

what to say today i dont have to much to say nuttin i realy want to say bored i hate school rather not be here but beggers cant be chooser and we dont always get what we want. im outty

Friday, February 15, 2008


Today is friday and im going to go to a halo 3 turnemant after school at the scienc center. i like playing alot of video games manly pc right now but i used to have an x-box and played halo 2 online constantly. my mom made me get rid of my x-box because she thought it would help me with my grades in school but if u ask me it just made it alot worse. im so pissed about that!! on pc i play alot of fear online and runescape awsome games to play. m7y favorite colors green for reasons of my own and thats all im telling u for this time around =) ohh ya and i loooovvveee
( . Y . ) lolol learned that on rune scape thats awsome hehe.